The Mediterranean NFT.

This is a collection inspired by nature and handcrafted by Milla.
The Cucunci are the fruits of the caper that become characters.

a collection by Untangle Arts

Th3 Story

Milla, a young italian food blogger who wants to remain anonymous, in search of new flavors, finds herself in Sicily in the colorful Marzamemi. There she met the caper fruit, the Cucuncio. From this magical encounter, in addition to a series of tasty recipes, a collection of lively drawings arises. Afterwards are developed and transformed into a self-generating NFT together with a DJ who is passionate on cryptocurrencies and technology.

Thus were born the "Cucunci" that combine culture, cuisine, technology and experimentation.
Each of these is a reality, a bet and a promise at the same time!
A visual reality, an economic bet and a promise of future developments.

Taste them, try them and collect them!

Th3 C0llecti0n F3atur3s

Total Supply: 1010

Specials Mints Edition NFT: 11

Founder Edition NFT LTD: 6

Promo/Airdrops/Giveaway: 4

First Prize Lottery: 1 x 0.30 Ethereum (1/1000 or 0,1 %)

Second Prize Lottery up to : 10 x 0.06 Ethereum (10/1000 or 1 %)

Unique DNA Sequence: 99%

Layers with rarity properties: 5+

Creator Fee on Secondary Marketplace: 3%

Th3 CunciC0d3r:

Th3 CunciMind:

Th3 CunciGh0st: